Intellectual disability services in
Britain, Scandinavia and the USA

J. Mansell, Tizard Centre, University of Kent, UK
K. Ericsson, University of Uppsala, Sweden

The number of people in institutions for the intellectually disabled in Britain, Scandinavia and the USA has fallen markedly over the last 25 years. Deinstitutionalization and Community Living reviews the changes that have taken place, identifies the lessons that have been learned and highlights the issues that remain to be addressed. This will be an essential text and a valuable work of reference for professionals, managers, students, teachers and researchers in psychology, psychiatry, social work, social and public policy and nursing.

Foreword - Valerie Bradley.
Introduction: towards deinstitutionalization -
Kent Ericsson and Jim Mansell.

Part One
Institutional Closure and Replacement: Closing Laconia -
Donald Shumway;
Closing institutions in New York State -
Paul Castellani;
Issues in community services in Britain -
Jim Mansell;
Deinstitutionalization in the Norwegian welfare state -
Jan Tössebro.

Part Two
Models of Community Services:
Housing for the person with intellectual handicap -
Kent Encsson;
Supported living policies and programmes in the USA -
Mary Ann Allard;
Quality of support for ordinary living -
David Felce.

Part Three
The Impact on Service Users:
Immediate psychological effects of deinstitutionalization -
Timo Saloviita;
Results of deinstitutionalization in Connecticut -
James Conroy;
Impact of deinstitutionalization on service users in Britain -
Eric Emerson and Chris Hatton;
The transition to community services in Norway -
Johans Sandvin.

Part Four
The Impact on Families of Service Users:
Relatives' opinions on institutional closure -
Barbro Tuvesson and Kent Encsson;
Family attitudes to deinstutionalization in Norway -
Jan Tössebro;
From complaining to campaigning -
Hilary Brown, Danuta Orlowska and Jim Mansell;

Integrating diverse experience -
Jim Mansell and Kent Ericsson.

References. Index.

April 1996; Hardback; 250 pages, 0-412-57010-6: approx. GBP 45.00


2-6 Boundary Row, London SE1 8HN, UK


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